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Ship's Log, Feb. 19: Predictions season

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A general consensus is forming from those that follow MLS as a league – they think the Seattle Sounders stayed good and maybe even got better. There's also a consensus that LAFC is either stable or slightly worse. As for the rest of the West — again a general consensus — it's not great. Betting markets have Houston third in the West, with LAFC getting respect. As a reminder the betting markets goal is to make money off of the bettor, not necessarily predict the results.

Preseason predictions are folly. But they are a folly we tend to enjoy.

It's been two years since the Sounders were playing for a trophy. Even though they finished second last season, they weren't a finalist for hardware. And hardware is history.

You should expect them to compete in 2024. These Sounders are built for the long season and for the secondary competitions. The best way to win an MLS Cup is to host it, so finishing high in the overall standings is vital.

Realistically this is a team that could and probably should fight for the Supporters Shield based on the fact that they’re in the Western Conference alone. A weak West and a tough East could give the Sounders an edge in competing. – Harrison Crow at American Soccer Analysis

Twelve of 17 MLS staffers selected the Sounders to win the West. Four see a second-place finish and one has them third. No one predicted they’d finish lower than that.

The Leagues Cup bracket? Seattle has one of the easiest groups.

Whatever happens with MLS entry into the Open Cup, the Sounders youth movement is likely, finally, strong enough to go toe-to-toe with other teams doing the same (see 2023, Defiance).

You should be confident, not cocky.

There are holes. It's a league with lots of holes for every team.

But let go of worry and doubt. Enjoy the ride.

Pedro de la Vega looks special. Raul Ruidiaz has a glow to his presence we haven't seen in ages. Cristian Roldan is now a wise sage. There's a potential for multiple Olympians. Several HGPs have been rumored to be collecting big transfers now that they're healthy and of age to transfer. Others are getting rewarded with massive contracts.

On top of all that there's space in the budget to add more when they know what they need and what's available.

Predict greatness. Expect it. Because that's what we are.

– Dave

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