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Three Questions with Angels on Parade

LAFC lost a key member of their defense and brought back a former midfielder. Those are focuses in the first Three Questions of 2024.

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Eduard Atuesta of LAFC | © Orlando Ramirez and USAToday

There's been a lot of change for Los Angeles FC. The roster's significant turnover consists of additions and subtractions throughout the XI, 20 and deep bench. To help us focus on the most important changes are ahead of Saturday's match is Trebor Tracy of Angels on Parade, in this edition of Three Questions.

SaH: What player loss will hit LAFC the hardest?

AoP: Losing Diego Palacios is the one that not only hits the hardest emotionally, but hurts the most on pitch. He is a player that grew with the club these last several years and became a foundation for the team. Not just defensively, but as a leader overall. The sense you got from teammates was he had a quiet confidence about him but wasn't scared to speak up when he felt necessary. Especially when you consider the team letting go of both goalkeepers, while the return is bringing in Hugo Lloris, losing a core piece of your defense is going to be a challenge they will need to overcome this season.

SaH: What player addition will help Los Angeles the most?

AoP: The biggest addition for them this year was most definitely Eduard Atuesta. Eduard is a phenomenal midfielder who left MLS while holding the title of one of, if not the best in the league at the position. More importantly, he is the rare new signing that doesn't feel new. He is familiar with the club, the city, already loved by fans, which goes a long way when you're a "new" signing. Settling in won't be foreign to him and while he will likely be without Vela this time around, he will have Bouanga to service to. For a team that needed massive help in the midfield, and some more leadership, he is the perfect signing. 

SaH: Which returning player is poised to level up?

AoP: I would keep eyes on 20-year-old forward Nathan Ordaz. A product of the LAFC Academy, he has already featured for the senior team several times, and has even netted a few goals. However, this season it feels like the team is ready to trust him with a bit bigger of a role going into the 2024 season. With the return of Atuesta, and the lingering questions over whether or not Carlos Vela returns, this could be the perfect opportunity for Ordaz to step up and show out. I would bet on him being the breakout star for LAFC this season. 

You can follow Trebor on X/Twitter and at AngelsOnParade. Trebor was also recently on Nos Audietis.