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Ship’s Log, April 29: It’s OK to step away

Just a reminder to practice self-care.

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Hold onto the good times.

When soccer isn’t fun what do you do?

This is harder to answer when you write about the game, but it’s still something staff talks about. Some step back. Others pour themselves into the writing so they can forget the failing.

It’s ok to step back.

My love of sports really boomed when I was in the Army. It was two things, mostly. First it was a way to avoid thinking about the real world. That still continues. Second, it was a way to connect with people who became great friends, that still continues. Avoidance and fellowship were followed by employment at KJR a very long time ago.

Fellowship and avoidance are still why I spend too much time following sports, mostly the Seattle Sounders, Reign and Defiance. The friends I made are the reason I go to games, moreso than the results (because there's been a single year when all three of those teams were good).

Friends are why I’m still interested in these teams that are struggling. My seatmates, the people in comments here, the people on social media, the people who sit two rows back (hi Greg!), the people I see at the bar pregame (hi Erinn!).

And so I’m stuck, because I like the people and I like avoiding thinking about the world.

That doesn’t mean that you’re stuck.

Each of us should choose to participate in this Puget Sound soccer phenomena at a level that’s best for us – if it’s not entertaining or at least giving you some pleasure, step away for a bit. Getting outraged? Rage and quit until you aren’t.

Nothing about being a soccer fan requires you to make yourself miserable. Nothing requires one to argue about substitutions. You’re not a better or worse fan for sticking through times that harm you.

The gate to fandom won’t close. It will always remain open, because the gate to being a fan is always open.

– Dave Clark

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Catching up on Sounder at Heart

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Seattle plays Tuesday at Philadelphia Union at 4:30 pm PDT on MLS Season Pass.

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Seattle play Friday night at Lumen Field on Prime Video. The 7 pm PDT match is against San Diego Wave. No coolers were harmed in writing these sentences.


Coach H’s men are off this weekend, next playing at Portland on May 10.


In their first ever USL Jägermeister Cup Velocity gave up a late goal and then lost the shootout 4-2. They have the weekend off. The other two teams in the group play Wednesday night.

Looking back at the news

Everything else you need to know

The US and Mexico are no longer bidding for the 2027 Women's World Cup. Instead they are bidding for 2031. LA is hosting the 2028 Summer Games and Salt Lake City is bidding for the 2030 Winter Games.

ASN has an outside chance of two Sounders on USMNT rosters for the Copa America or Olympics.

FC Olympia's Afterglow kit is even brighter than the Sounders Electricity.

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are extending their celebrity soccer empire to Mexico.

Tuesday's Sounders opponent only has a single loss so far this year. It happened this past weekend against RSL.

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The Sounders are just over a week from facing Louisville City in the Open Cup. Lou City crushed Hartford 6-0 (former Sounder Ray Serrano scored) and are 6-1-0, +16 on the season.

ECS and Royal Guard have a co-op clear water bottle available.

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