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Stefan Frei moving on from flubbed save

“Finding positive things has been hard this year.” - Stefan Frei

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RENTON — Stefan Frei is not particularly interested in revisiting the goal he allowed to Sporting KC late in the game that ultimately cost the Seattle Sounders a point. He knows he could have — should have — done better. Alenis Vargas’ shot from a tight angle that went through his legs is not the kind of goal he’d ever expect himself to allow.

Focusing on mistakes, as opposed to how to avoid them, gets the Sounders no closer to pulling out of their rut, Frei reasoned.

“Hindsight is useless, really,” he said following Thursday’s training session. “I’m not sure if there’s much to learn from those.

“Finding positive things has been hard this year. Finding frustration is easy, finding negative things is very easy, but you can’t succumb to that because nothing good will come from it. You have to find positives and create positives so that we can all find a way out of this hole.”

Instead, Frei said he tries to hone in on the process.

“In those instances you need some space, you check it off and you move on. You try to find confidence in your goalkeeping as a whole instead of trying to correct that mistake. If you learn anything, when you think you’ve hit rock bottom, you try to work back. Bad goals happen to everybody. It’s how you respond.”

It’s a well-known soccer axiom that a forward can miss 10 shots, but he’ll likely be remembered for the one he finished, while a goalkeeper can make 10 great saves, but the one mistake will stand out. Frei is well acquainted with that challenge and feels capable of handling it.

“You need to have broad shoulders to deal with it and somehow come out on the other side,” Frei said.

Injury updates

  • Pedro de la Vega (hamstring) participated in slightly more of training, but was still off to the side once full-sided drills began.
  • Fresh off being named to Jamaica’s Copa America roster, Jon Bell (hamstring) was a full participant in training.
  • Nathan (quadricep) was also a full training participant.