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As you’ve probably heard, Twitter will no longer allow us to share these links there. Substack has created their own internal Twitter-like function and we’ve been trying it out. We’ll be using it to share observations and posts. Here’s an example:

We’re not quite sure how often we’ll be using it as of yet, but if you all find it useful that will surely encourage us to use it more.

How to join

Head to or find the “Notes” tab in the Substack app. As a subscriber to Nos Audietis Newsletter, you’ll automatically see my notes. Feel free to like, reply, or share them around!

You can also share notes of your own. I hope this becomes a space where every reader of Nos Audietis Newsletter can share thoughts, ideas, and interesting quotes from the things we're reading on Substack and beyond.

If you encounter any issues, you can always refer to the Notes FAQ for assistance. Looking forward to seeing you there!