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One last chat with Megan Rapinoe

As her playing career comes to an end, Megan Rapinoe spoke with Ride of the Valkyries one last time.

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Mike Russell / Sounder at Heart

In 2017 as OL Reign and the rest of the NWSL were getting ready for their 5th season of play, Megan Rapinoe talked with Ride of the Valkyries about the upcoming season and how the bigger picture of the league at the time was blazing a new trail as having lasted longer than any previous of women’s professional soccer league in the United States. Rapinoe, along with Jess Fishlock and Lauren Barnes, has been with the team since the inaugural season of play in 2013 – we coined them what is now part of Reign canon, Reign Originals. Ever honest with herself and to us, Rapinoe in 2017 shared her true feelings when she was told she had been allocated to Seattle.

“I was pissed, actually. I didn’t want to come to Seattle. I only put Seattle as my second choice as it was closest to Portland. I was living in Portland at the time. I went to school there, have roots there and was looking forward to solidifying those roots. So actually I was really pissed.”

Now looking back in 2023, it’s safe to say it’s worked out quite alright for Megan Rapinoe being in Seattle.

“It has. It very much has. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to not be here, and to not be coached by Laura (Harvey). Obviously Vlatko and Farid for a very short time here, but to not be in this club with Jess (Fishlock) and Lu (Barnes), I don’t feel like I would be the player that I am; I feel like I owe so much to Laura. I came here not as a young player, but at 26, just played the same way up until that point, and in playing with Jess and Lu, Laura really unlocked the next phase of my career.”

Rapinoe spoke with Ride of the Valkyries one last time after training on the Thursday afternoon before OL Reign traveled down to Portland, Oregon for what would be a 2-0 victory for the Thorns. Rapinoe still got a standing ovation from the rival crowd – a crowd she admitted she’s been trying to impress since she was 18 years old – as she checked out of the match, because at the end of the day, they still respected Rachael’s sister.

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