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Ship's Log, Nov. 24: It's past time MLS made holiday traditions

It would be great to avoid shopping crowds and watch 8 hours of MLS play today.

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Here in Seattle it is easy to forget that MLS is not yet 30. Our soccer traditions go back much longer. But due to the fits and starts of American pro soccer and of Major League Soccer there aren't any real holiday traditions.

Yesterday was a friendsgiving at our house. Even though none of us are NFL fans, the thing we did after dinner was turn on the Seahawks for the NFL's third game of the day. College football dominates Black Friday and New Year's Day. The NBA owns Christmas. MLB makes a huge thing out of Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, them being the Boys of Summer. Sometimes these dates overlap – the NHL Winter Classic series is mostly on New Year's Day (always? I don't know, never been a hockey fan. I've watched some Winter Classic action. I'm looking forward to those kickass Kraken sweaters).

It's not just American sports that claim holidays.

The most mature pro soccer league in the world, the Premier League, owns Boxing Day. Many other leagues around the world try to own their independence or founding day.

MLS hasn't done that.

Here we are playing on another Thanksgiving weekend, but it's not a thing. It's just what happened to happen. MLS often has games that fall on Halloween (and the day before), people dress up, but there's been no effort to make it an annual tradition. MLS has played on Labor Day, but not regularly. There are a few teams trying to make the Fourth of July happen, which is similar to how Detroit and Dallas started the NFL tradition.

There are practical reasons this hasn't happened – immature league, floating FIFA dates, shared stadia.

But it's time.

Apple would love to be like Amazon and shouting to the world that they have LAFC or Messi or the Sounders or something every Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. Imaging if TNT could scream that they have the Open Cup Final every single "slowest day in sports" (the day after the MLB All-Star Game).

Start the league on President's Day weekend every year. One idea that has been floated is having MLS Cup on Black Friday. These are just ideas. MLS could have better ideas. They know that almost all of their stadia are available at certain dates.

Give us a consistency around which we can plan travel, around which we, the [blank team] at Hearts, can proselytize to our friends and family when their lives are open to traditions.

It's time for MLS to own a holiday or two.

- Dave

Puget Sound Soccer

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