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Ship's Log, April 20: 'Even every winner hits a losing streak'

The latest Pearl Jam album could be a metaphor for Sounders fandom.

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Mike Russell / Sounder at Heart

Did you know that one of the greatest artists of all time released their latest album this week? Of course you did.

Pearl Jam's Dark Matter came out Friday with a special edition available as part of Record Store Day. An accomplished lyricist connected to Seattle forever, Eddie Vedder's latest set of poetry contains some stanzas that remind you of Puget Sound and our frequently failing sports teams.

'Wreckage' speaks to every winner having a losing streak – a territory the Seattle Sounders tread too often. There are mentions of dark days and rains and the sun about to peek out as our early springs transition to the summers that fill postcards.

In 'Something Special' he speaks to the potential greatness and learning from failure.

'every setback now but a chance to grow'

It's an album that is deep, dark. At the same time it's hopeful. It returns to what Pearl Jam were at their best, while stepping forward into their more mature life.

The Seattle Sounders need to heed that same call – a return to what was core while stepping forward. They need to be special, not wreckage.

We all see the potential. The reasons for hope and dreams are real. As are the steps towards failure as they run on a treadmill to nowhere, about to enter their next phase.

Have they broken the habit of excellence?

We'll know for certain by the end of May, with its two-trophy gauntlet jammed with midweek games.

Saturday night, celebrating rock fan Marcus Hahnemann, in the light sprinkles of rain the Seattle Sounders celebrate the pods of orcas, 50 years and the mild-rivalry with the Vancouver Whitecaps.

That's all great history.

But what's tomorrow's history? Is it Wreckage or Something Special?

– Dave Clark

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