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Maybe we got a little ahead of ourselves last time

The Sounders looked like a team not willing to go down without a fight.

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Brian Evans / Sounders FC Communications

When last we talked, the Sounders had just lost to Sporting KC and we were openly wondering if it was time to admit that they might just be a bad team.

You’ll have to pardon the whiplash, but two games later we think that was probably an unfair conclusion and are now wondering the opposite. 

No, a 2-0 win over Minnesota United and a 2-2 draw with the Houston Dynamo doesn’t suddenly make us think the Sounders are MLS Cup contenders, but it is some evidence that this team might be a bit better than they had been looking.

The draw with the Dynamo was weirdly even more encouraging, not because the Sounders played better but because they looked so awful in the first half and still managed to come back. That’s what good teams do!

It’s probably too early to say the Sounders are a contender, but they sure do look a lot better than they did two weeks ago and we’re OK calling that progress.

Not to get too crazy with praise, we do spend a fair amount of time pointing out that for this team to really become a contender they need to add some talent at the top end of the roster.

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