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Minor Setback, Major Comeback

It felt like old times at Lumen Field

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Kayla Mehring / Sounder at Heart

It’s the biggest Dub Pod of the season as Ari and Noah recap the Seattle Sounders’ massive 3-2 comeback victory over FC Dallas at Lumen Field in Matchday 22. Other topics include yet another riveting performance from Paul Rothrock, Raúl Ruidíaz scoring from inside the penalty area(!), Jordan Morris putting the city of Seattle on his back and Obed Vargas hitting a pass of the season front-runner. 

That precedes a return to the world of USMNT punditry, with takes on both the US and Canada’s Copa América openers. To wrap it up, there’s also our weekly journey around the wild world of MLS, with takes on the rest of the Matchday 22 slate.

Lobbing Scorchers: Minor Setback, Major Comeback - Ep. 45

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