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Reign vs. Gotham: Highlights, stats, quotes

The Reign steal a point late on the road in hot, muggy conditions.

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In a reverse of fortunes from last week, Seattle Reign scored on the last play of the game to earn a draw on the road against Gotham FC. The Reign started the match well and controlled much of the first half, limiting Gotham's chances while getting a few good looks of their own.

Thanks to some collective defensive errors on the Reign side, Rose Lavelle scored just after the halftime break, which changed the tone of the match. The Reign held on, and for the last 15 minutes of the match, they were pushing for an equalizer. They got their goal on a set piece, as Quinn's ball into the box was flicked on by Gotham defender Nealy Martin as she challenged Veronica Latsko for the ball.

The Reign are back at home for the final regular-season match before a CBA-mandated break and the NWSL / Liga MX Femenil Summer Cup. They host the Utah Royals on Sunday, July 7 at 3 PM PT.

Reign score late to steal 1-1 draw with Gotham FC
In almost a mirror image of last week, this time the Reign steal a point late on the road.




47' - Rose Lavelle (Assist: Ella Stevens) (GOTHAM)

90+9' - Own Goal (SEA)


60’ - Lily Woodham for Phoebe McClernon

66’ - Veronica Latsko for Tziarra King; Olivia Van der Jagt for Jessica Fishlock

86’ - Olivia Athens for Shae Holmes; Emeri Adames for Jordyn Huitema

46' - Nealy Martin for Maitane Lopez

76' - Lynn Williams for Katie Stengel

85' - Bruninha for Crystal Dunn; McCall Zerboni for Rose Lavelle

90' - Taryn Torres for Ella Stevens


7,064 (Red Bull Arena, Harrison, NJ)


Gotham: 53.2%

Reign: 46.8%


Gotham: 1.11

Reign: 0.74


Gotham: 15

Reign: 8


Gotham: 5

Reign: 3


Gotham: 5

Reign: 3


Gotham: 5

Reign: 2


Gotham: 9

Reign: 5


Gotham: 27

Reign: 11


Gotham: 454

Reign: 400


Gotham: 80%

Reign: 78.5%


Gotham: 138

Reign: 72


Gotham: 68.8%

Reign: 54.2%


Gotham: 11

Reign: 9


Gotham: 8

Reign: 3


Gotham: 3

Reign: 2


Gotham: 7

Reign: 11


Gotham: 0

Reign: 1

NJ/NY Gotham FC - Seattle Reign FC Live Score

g+ GameFlow: NWSL Regular Season NJ/NY Gotham FC v Seattle Reign on June 30, 2024. #NJ/NYvRGN

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On her overall thoughts on the team's performance: "Honestly, I thought we deserved even more than a point. I thought we were the better team in the first half. I thought we had to wait, we had to take some pressure after they scored in the second half. Disappointing on their goal, it's a similar type of goal that we've conceded, which is disappointing. But, this group is resilient, they don't give up. We had chances in the second half to score. I thought Berger was excellent for them. As you can probably tell, it is absolutely boiling here. So for the group to push and keep pushing and keep pushing and get a little bit of luck at the end with that goal, but I felt we deserved a point at minimum from the game."

On coming back late in the second half and what this result will do for the team mentally: "Well, we got the complete opposite last week, this happened to us literally the opposite a week ago and it was gut wrenching. So, we have to use this as a platform, I think, to push on, honestly. I think we have to drive ourselves forward from this. I thought there were some really good individual performances today, but I thought collectively, we had a game plan. I thought in the first half they did not know how to solve us. Again, a little bit more quality moments in the first half and I think we would have been at least testing Berger even more than we did. So yeah, we have to use this as a platform. I think this is our first point on the road this year, so we'll take that. Yeah, we turn our attention now, going into another home game next week against Utah."

On if this result will be a turning point for the team: "I felt the Portland game, we should have won. Louisville game, no question we should have won, so we were really disappointed. After those two games, we were happy that we stopped conceding goals, but we were disappointed that we didn't win. Today, because of the way the game went, we're really happy that we came away with a point because we felt we deserved that, and did we deserve more than a point? Maybe, maybe not. But I think the bigger picture is we've got to win our home games, so can we get back home next week? Can we turn around and play against Utah, who are an up-and-coming team, and get 3 points at home? That's going to be vital for us to steady the ship going into the summer break and we can reevaluate. Our new ownership have been very, very present, I would say, since the sale. It's given ourselves within the locker room a real boost and I think you've seen that in glimpses over the last couple of weeks and the summer will give us time to be able to evaluate where we are, what we want to do, what we want to bring in so that we can elevate the second half of our season and really give it a good old push, and if we give it a good old push, the teams we're playing are all above us a little bit and around us so we can climb that table, so that's the bigger picture."

On getting a point at the end of the game:

Shae Holmes: "Super proud of the team. I think we obviously put in a lot of work game-in game-out, just going over the details of things and I think we spend a lot more time more recently about each person's individual roles, but then also the collective role and I think we've really hammered it home this past week on the team collective and doing it together. I think that really showed. Even going down a goal, I think at this point we kind of know how that feels and we know kind of how to get out of it a little bit more, and I think that's one of the best showings we've had in the past couple of weeks. So yeah, just super proud of the team and everyone that put in it, especially through the weather."

Quinn: "Yeah, I think there are definitely some positives. I think, especially on the ball, you saw in the first half, we had the quality to not only build up the pitch, but had the patience as well. I think we lost that a little bit in the second half, and so for us, it's being able to play with that patience for 90 minutes is just a little point of improvement. I think at times we really nullified their offense, but it's still trying to figure out how to solve the different pictures they give us quickly. But I think, yeah, definitely, just a shift that the team put in, especially in the heat, and to stick with it and grind out that point was definitely a positive."

On what this result does for the team's mentality going forward:

Shae Holmes: "I just think it puts us in a more positive direction going into this next week, especially before CBA break coming up and all this stuff, I think it gives us a stronger turning point and pivot to kind of continue to build off of because yeah, even though it's not a win quite yet, that's obviously what we're striving for. So, I think it definitely puts us on the right foot going forward these next coming weeks.

Quinn: "I think, for us, it's important to get three points in games. I know we've been frustrated with the past two games of not getting those three points, but I still think in a hard environment, with Gotham and their quality and then as well, you take into account the heat, that's something that's a little bit different for us. I think it's good to always come away with those road points. So, definitely can't take those for granted, but we want to keep building and hopefully, we can break the gates and start getting three points in games."