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Ship's Log, Dec. 15: Speeding up soccer

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Photo courtesy of Major League Soccer

When MLS Next Pro launched, the league talked up the idea of being a sort of test-lab. The most notable of these tweaks was the elimination of the draw, which is an eternal quest in North American soccer. Thankfully, that rule hasn't been adopted outside of the Leagues Cup.

What has proven sticker is a set of rules designed to speed up play that have now been brought forward from Next Pro into MLS. As someone who has watched Defiance from the S2 at Starfire era to the present day, the changes are notable.

You will see less time-wasting, because teams with players who extend their injury recovery will be forced to play down a man for two minutes.

If a player with a suspected injury remains on the ground for more than 15 seconds, the referee will stop play and wave the medical crew onto the field to evaluate the player. When safe, the player will be removed from the field and remain off the field for a minimum of two minutes for further assessment and treatment.

There are exceptions for serious injury and during cards.

While I can't recall a goal scored by Defiance when they were up a man for those two minutes, I can recall a surge of energy as the squad tried to take advantage of this short-term situation.

Not only does that mean a decrease in time when fans are staring at players acting, it means that there is a small increase in more dramatic action on the field. It's a much better experience.

Another classic time-wasting technique will be nearly eliminated as well. Players who take too long to leave the pitch during a substitution will force their team to play down a man as well.

Failure to exit from any point on the field within the 10 seconds will cause the incoming player to wait for a 60-second holding period, before entering the game at the next stoppage.

And for you, the fan in the stadium, you'll stop needing to guess how much stoppage time is available – that will be on the clocks in the stadium.

Not only will play be faster and more dramatic, you'll have a better idea of how long the game lasts without glancing at your phone constantly.

The speed-of-play issues are all tested. They worked. Matches were a little bit faster, a little bit more dramatic. It's good to see these rules brought forward, now maybe MLS Next Pro can get rid of the near-constant shootouts.

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