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Ship's Log, Jan. 8: There's a storm coming

Let’s get hyped for preseason.

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Photo by William Purnell courtesy of USAToday

Right about when a major winter storm is supposed to hit the lowlands of the greater Puget Sound, the Seattle Sounders players will be reporting for duty. It'll be their 50th anniversary or their 16th MLS season, however you choose to count.

By any measure, the Sounders are among the greatest teams in the history of the league – winning percentages, trophies earned, scale of trophies.

And yet those players, coaches and staff are disappointed in the 2023 season. So are we. It was a season without a trophy and one in which they'd never really challenged for one. In that way '23 was worse '22, as '22 had that massive trophy that no other team in this league has ever won, qualifying the Sounders for the 2023 and 2025 Club World Cup.

How can the Sounders correct that failure of a season?

A big part of that is through adding talent, playing talent at their best positions and rotating that talent more effectively. They'll be better off because of those activities pretty quickly.

An additional way to have hope for a better year is because even though several young players had good years there were others who took steps back. There will be a new mix of youth taking steps forward becoming the next Josh Atencio, Léo Chú, Jackson Ragen from players like Obed Vargas, Danny Leyva, Sota Kitahara, Paul Rothrock, etc.

The talent and coaching should lead to some improvements. Two extra wins would be fun. It's a great reason for hope.

I want more than hope.

I want the club to get to run with the attitude that Jordan Morris and Léo Chú took to Sporting KC. We are the coming storm for the league to fear.

There's truth in the thunder, love in the lightning
The feeling is frightening, yet isn't it exciting?
I'm something like stormy weather; if I weren't, we would never
Huddle together; do I have to tell you
That I'm also the sunlight that shines shortly after?
I just rain 'cause I have to, on to a new chapter
I wish you lots of laughter 'til the next time you see me
Just remember you need me, I'm the storm coming
-- as covered by The Magicians in "all that hard glossy armor."

A team that was a save and a goal from advancing to the conference final or a single win from qualifying for the Concacaf Champions Cup should run with attitude.

These aren't the meek. They are not weak.

They are the Seattle Frickin' Sounders. Play like it. Roll like a storm over the waters of the Pacific and smash into the soft mountains of MLS teams that can't keep quality together, unlike the Seattle Sounders.

This is a team carrying a CCL MVP and five of his friends who made the Best XI in that same tournament. A team that is carrying four players from the '16 MLS Cup, eight players form the '19 Cup, and 17 from the CCL Final need not be complacent.

Be Margo. Channel demons. Throw axes. Walk strongly with team that changes the world of American soccer.

Be the storm coming

– Dave

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