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Ship's Log, March 11: Bring on the East

If the Leagues Cup stays around long term it should be used to spread awareness of all of the league, not just Liga MX.

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This weekend the Seattle Sounders were supposed to play Philadelphia Union for the first time since 2019. With MLS expansion and a global pandemic, the interaction between the Western and Eastern conferences has been highly limited over recent years. Seattle fans will likely never see the Sounders host Inter Miami while Messi is there. Revs fans don’t get to see both LA teams. Toronto and Seattle, which could have had a Lakers-Celtics in the ’80s vibe, just doesn’t happen.

As the league expands the interaction between the conferences will be further reduced.

It’s a shame.

The league season is both long, with too many games and attempts to play through Gold Cups, Olympics and other international dates. And too short to face every team at least once.

Solutions aren’t simple. Other soccer leagues don’t have matches across four time zones, elevations from 12 feet to 5120’, climate zones that include deserts and continental winters. MLS does.

Yet, it’s hard to follow a “league” when half the teams face your local side less frequently than NFL teams do (and they only have a 17-game season to do it).

There are many proposals out there. Most of them start with expansion eventually stopping. Then breaking MLS into smaller divisions with home-and-homes. Teams from the other conference would be on a rotation.

Since MLS isn’t likely to stop expanding soon, the perfect must be set aside for the better.

Better would be shifting the Leagues Cup to no longer be regional. MLS fans would then get not just the increased variety of seeing a Liga MX opponent but also the chance to see a rarely seen squad from across the Mississippi.

Rather than a ninth matchup against RSL over a two-year stretch, the Sounders could face off against a D.C. United, reliving some of the early era micro-rivalry. Or maybe a knockout round match against FC Cincinnati, a team that burst onto the scene out of a successful USL run. Or maybe, just maybe, a match against Inter Messi that isn’t a final. Other possible solutions would be straight seeding in the MLS Cup Playoffs.

With the Open Cup (not quite dead) being regional and the regular season’s home-home being regional, the lack of variety in the schedule gets tiresome. There have been seasons when the Sounders and Portland have played each other more than they’ve played teams in the East!

If the Leagues Cup stays around long term it should be used to spread awareness of all of the league, not just Liga MX.

– Dave Clark

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