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Ship’s Log, March 30: The robots won’t replace us … yet

MLS Next Pro’s use of AI is likely to fail, again.

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Generative AI continues to grow – the best models are getting fingers correct and the eyes point in the same direction. Written-gen AI is basically indistinguishable from average writing on the subject, as long as an editor removes hallucinations.

Many large companies are finding ways to leverage AI. In marketing the most common valuable use-case is to change the tone of messaging, not the content. Tools like Grammarly can even be helpful.

It’s not a surprise that MLS Next Pro is experimenting with AI. Previously they’d used a single-camera presentation that had no operator with only the machine telling the camera where to focus. That was mostly abandoned because the action on the field was frequently missed.

Their next effort at AI is to do AI play-by-play in foreign languages.

There are a few reasons this is unlikely to go well.

A play-by-play voice (and ideally their commentator) is a tool for fans to connect to the teams. They interject stories and conversations they’ve had during the week. They are not rote repetitions of player name, number and positioning. That dry, boring technique creates hollow gaps in knowledge for a fanbase.

Additionally, the teams in this league frequently don’t provide quality pronunciation guides for the current batch of play-by-play voices. Frequently during prep, announcers are asking players themselves the correct way to say their names. How will the machine get a player’s name correct when the input data is wrong?

Finally, the league is trusting live foreign-language translation and naming conventions to an outside voice without any indication that it has been trained on the league itself. Live simultaneous translation is not merely about a direct translation of the words. It requires deep enough knowledge of the subject to convey meaning – an example locally would be translating Defiance to a word that means ‘defiance’ doesn’t convey the meaning of why Tacoma are called Defiance. While valid, it dismisses the intent of language. This will be true for team and player nicknames (which goes back to the first point).

AI play-by-play is likely good enough to convey meaning to a scout or analyst. They don’t need to have the fan connection to a team.

Maybe Next Pro using generative AI is another example of the league not knowing if it is supposed to be a fan experience (as Austin and some of the indies have done) or just an advanced version of the Academy without fans at all (as is the case in most markets).

– Dave Clark

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