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Ship’s Log, April 15: Going against your own grain

Schmetzer was a more-than-typical substitute user until Saturday night.

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Zach Del Bello/Sounders FC Communications

In the second half against FC Dallas the Seattle Sounders took a rather calm and defensive posture. They were on the road and despite their history under Brian Schmetzer, road games are hard to gather points in.

The subs were late and only three were used.

Schmetzer said that the draw felt like two points dropped, but also took some blame for that because he’s the one that used 60% of the subs with two coming rather late.

This was unusual for Brian.

On the season he’s using 3.86 subs per match, right in the middle of the league. He’s giving subs about 20 minutes apiece. That’s in the top third in the league. By stack ranking, his subs per match is an improvement (though essentially even with 2023). By minutes per sub, he’s improved over last season’s near-worst 16 minutes per opportunity.

It’s odd for a coach with more than two decades of history, most of them under the three-sub rule and having more years with a 15-player bench than the modern 20 to make those kinds of adjustments.

But he has.

Until Saturday night. Despite having a bench that he knows is capable of attacking he went against his own grain and held men in reserve. The once wunderkind in Chú? Absent. Teves? So late as not to matter.

The free-agent forward? Also late. After Cody Baker’s vibrant assertion that he has an attack to offer even off his bad foot? Nothing. The once lethal-by-force-of-will Paul Rothrock? Confined to a strong performance with Defiance.

On the year, Schmetzer & staff showed that they were willing to trust their bench more than ever. Then, when they needed an emotional boost from a road win, they didn’t.

From the outside we won’t ever know why. It’s not that the head coach never uses his subs – he has. It’s not that there weren’t options due to injury – there were.

Instead, it’s two points dropped by a team that is supposed to be ambitiously pursuing multiple trophies, not trudging for a date with the red line.

The youth know how to win now. If the vets aren't getting it done there are three opportunities for five young men to take the field and do it.

– Dave Clark

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