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Ship's Log, June 24: Mid-touch attackers

The third type of attacker.

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Max Aquino for Sounder at Heart

Some talents in soccer need a single touch to change a game – Raúl Ruidíaz can create a goal from the halfway line, for example. Obafemi Martins was also this way. They didn't need to be too involved in build up, because they knew that one touch was enough.

Other talents need to involved in every phase and transition of the game. Peak Nicolás Lodeiro wanted about 100 touches per goal contribution (that number is made up). When Clint Dempsey felt disconnected he'd drift behind the defensive mid to pickup a ball from a centerback, because his soul needed touches.

This year, the Seattle Sounders are discovering mid-touch players. As he's aged, Raúl has drifted back into play trying to get more touches. Some of this is by design and some of it is by desire. He's at 39 touches per 90 in 2024. Back in 2020 (his age 29 season) he needed only 27 touches per 90 to show his magic. His non-penalty xG+xA per 90 in that season was 0.77. This year it's only 0.38.

He's not the only mid-touch attacker on this year's Sounders.

Jordan Morris is averaging 30 touches per match this year, and his goal contributions have come in matches where he's just over 25.

In 2020 Morris was an MVP candidate. He hit a non-pen xG+xA of 0.78 with 10 goals and 7 primary assists in that shortened year. He averaged 42 touches per game and his assist numbers showed it.

Generally, teams try to spread their touches around so their most dangerous attackers gain those touches in threatening areas. Check out this seasons Realio's ratings to find mentions of unrewarded runs. They're frustrating, both to fans and to players.

Some attackers respond by drifting so far back that they are no longer an attacker. Others respond by no longer making unrewarded runs.

But whatever the mentality of the player – low touch, high touch or mid touch – when they're participating in the style they like most they glow.

See Morris' six goals in his past seven games – speedy central runs, flashing headers on set-pieces. He's the target man, the line breaker.

Rather than Jordan re-inventing who he is in order to succeed, it was the team around him that remembered how to reward who he is.

He's a mid-touch attacker who wants to drop back to defend, but not to play the ball there.

Here's to that still working.

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